Monday, 28 October 2013

memory box -grandparent fun

Having been off the blog for the three months since placement (thinking regularly that I"d like to do it again, but never managing, I've had many memory box moments that have slipped by).

But here's my most recent.  Three months in, the littles have met my parents four times now.  last week they were able to come and stay in a B&B nearby, and we went together on a long train journey into Birmingham to see the Julia Donaldson Exhibition.

The moments when they met the Gruffalo are priceless but photos I can't share - however, this moment of a little boy looking up at his grandpa and laughing is one I will treasure.

I'm sure for many of us the journey to adoption means we have children later than some - and this means I am particularly thankful that these four people are able to build the relationship they are slowly building over skype and with visits - and I hope it will build some memories that they will keep - I know I will

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